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Is former cia director john brennan a muslim unsubstantiated rumor claims former cia director john brennan is a muslim who converted to islam while stationed in saudi arabia. Houston, texas — sen rand paul (r-ky), a 2016 gop presidential candidate, told breitbart news in an exclusive interview here that he wants to restrict immigration from predominantly muslim countries after the chattanooga, tennessee, terrorist attack. In fact, by the end of paul’s talk, he had almost convinced me to hate muslims instead, his speech made me realize just how desperately rand paul wants to be president. Pamela geller is an american political activist and commentator she is known for her anti-islamic writings, opposition to the proposed construction of an islamic community center near the former site of the world trade center, and sponsorship of the draw the prophet cartoon contest in garland, texas she describes her blogging and campaigns in the united states are against what she terms creeping sharia in the country the southern poverty law center has described geller as islamophobic. Muslim bashing rand paul's muslim-bashing speech the tea party senator’s attack on muslims was nothing short of ‘hate speech,’ says dean obeidallah.

Republican presidential candidate rand paul said tuesday that he would have no problem supporting a muslim for president -- and that barack obama isn't one. Fitnah: coming to a sin-e-world near you (part 2) the first part of this blog discussed the fitnah or tribulation of wealth, civil war and men’s weakness for womenthe second and final part of the blog discusses three more fitnahs – that of callers to misguidance, spreading of inverted understandings of islam, and the question of governments seeking to domesticate islam and its scholars. A real life changing clip of dr israr ahmad رحمہ اللہ (recommended by engineer muhammad ali mirza) - duration: 10:31 engineer muhammad ali mirza - short clips channel 350,469 views. Republican presidential candidate sen rand paul (r-ky) said tuesday that rival donald trump’s call to ban muslims from entering the country was a “mistake,” even though it was similar to a.

A post 9/11 examination of the trends and historic factors that contribute to the islamic extremism and divisions between the arab muslim and non-arab muslim communities as well as the world wide diaspora. 'building moderate muslim networks' is both refreshing and thought provoking in its examination of the tough work needed to achieve democratic transformation in the muslim world it avoids the twin pitfalls of demonizing muslim nations and denying the social and political differences between those nations and ours. Address these messages especially to young people, to pious traditionalist populations, to muslim minorities in the west, and to women avoid showing respect or admiration for the violent feats of fundamentalist extremists and terrorists cast them as disturbed and cowardly, not as evil heroes. The name rand (arabic writing : راند) is a muslim girls names the meaning of name rand is bay laurel . The struggle in much of the muslim world today is a war of ideas, said angel rabasa, a rand senior policy analyst and the lead author of the report this is not a war of civilizations it's not islam versus the west.

Muslim hip-hop dancer amirah sackett is determined to cast off stereotypes and preconceptions of muslim women and she does that in a powerful way sackett is a hip-hop artist who uses dance. Senator rand paul said tuesday that he would have no problem supporting a muslim for president -- and that barack obama isn't one. Hence, it is not the first time in history that the muslims have been targeted in this way, and the proposals outlined by the rand corporation are also nothing new in reality and have, in fact, been in practice for more than a century. Although a majority throughout the muslim world, moderates have not developed similar networks to amplify their message and to provide protection from violence and intimidation. Rand corporation usa a report on how to disintegrate the muslims world muslim world broken into sects four types of muslims • • • • 1- fundamentalist 2- traditionalists 3- modernists 4- secular.

Rand muslim

Rand paul is a member of the republican party, a us senator representing the state of kentucky, and a former candidate for president of the united states he received a score of 100% from the american conservative union in 2012, and his voting record was rated 26% liberal in 2011 by national journal. So when we start debating in the muslim community about palestine, it tells me a lot about you and about the type of faith that you have in your heart” and rand paul & planned parenthood find all my redstate work. Rand terrorism experts have analyzed the group's financing, management, and organization its savvy use of social media for recruitment and fundraising and the instability that spawned the group as a regional problem in the middle east.

In march, the rand corporation issued a 217-page report titled building moderate muslim networks in this report, the american ngo, which is nevertheless closely tied to the us air force, set up a four-point criteria that would be used by the us administration and other parties to assess muslim partners. Support of “civil islam” — muslim civil society groups that advocate moderation and modernity — is an essential component of an effective us policy toward the muslim world assistance in efforts to develop education and cultural activities by secular or moderate muslim organizations should be a priority. Anti-muslim rhetoric should be stopped at once, as it threatens us national security, rand corporation senior economist radha iyengar said wednesday.

A year after mohamed morsy became egypt's first democratically-elected president, millions of egyptians took to the streets calling for him to step down. Having lived the marxist and the ayn rand lifestyle, he has a unique perspective on religion and politics currently the sunni muslim propaganda machine is everywhere inside the washington, d. Rand corporation's new recipe to handle the muslim world by abdus sattar ghazali the milli gazette 7 april 2007 the semi-official us think tank, rand corporation, suggests creation of networks of the so-called moderate muslims to promote us policy objectives in the muslim world.

Rand muslim
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